If you are not seeing your class(es) in Google Classroom, the first thing to confirm is that you are signed into the correct account.  

Confirm your Google Classroom

Be sure to double-check you are now in Catapult Learning's Google Classroom.  Go to your initial at the top right and you should see This account is managed by catapultlearning.com.  If you do not see this, be sure to log in under a different account and use your Catapult Learning account.

Logging into Catapult Learnings Google Classroom


If you are logged into a ChromeBook, you will need to logout, and log in under your Catapult Learning account.

Sign out or turn off your Chromebook:

1. At the bottom right, select the time.
2. Click Sign out.

Other devices:

For other devices, make sure you change to your Catapult Learning account by Choosing another Account:

If you are signed in to Google or Google Classroom under a different account, you can add a new account at login.  If you are auto-logged in, you can add an account from your initials or picture at the top right.

 Enter your password and click Next.